Glenn has one foot in the art world and one foot in the business world. From the business perspective he can be described as an innovative, creative, passionate, high performing Account Manager with 23 years experience managing sales, accounts and relationships in Western United States. Successful strategist and relationship builder driving revenue growth and improving market positioning. Superior proficiency executing merchandising, training and sales leadership. A Dynamic dedicated performer self motivated and highly driven with solid leadership qualities.

From a creative perspective he can be described as incredibly caring and creative with a love for music and photography. He has had an electric guitar in one hand and a camera in the other since he was a kid, nothing's changed. He is still passionate about both and has kept those passions alive while working for a major photography manufacturer for 20 years.

Glenn went to college, initially studying cinematography and then photography. He graduated from one of the premier photo schools in the country, Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in advertising photography in 1986. He continues to take photographs and play music to the delight of his friends, family and clients.

He has used every camera you can think of from his very first plastic camera to 35mm SLR, 4x5 view cameras, 8x10 view cameras, (remember film?), 35mm DSLR's & photoshop. Glenn has also experimented with alternative printing process such as Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown, Reversal printing, masking, Dye Transfer.

Glenn has creativity in his soul, it's who he is. If you don't see him with his camera, just listen and you will hear him playing his guitar and singing the Blues.